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Jr Shredder Combos

Perfect ski for to help balance

Jr Shredder Combos
Shredder ski

Jr Shredder Combos

Perfect ski for to help balance

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This junior ski is shaped for easy learning and good for deep water starts. 

The wide shape of the Jr. Shredder Combo water skis allow for younger skiers to balance easier on the water. The pre-mounted slalom toe allows for a quick transition from beginner to intermediate. The double density adjustable slide binding is soft on the inside for comfort, but stiffer on the outside for ankle support. A stabilizer bar is included for beginners. Soft step inserts cushion riders foot.  

Constructed of RIM molded PU with a plastic laminate top and Fiberglass rods for reinforcement. Made in the USA. 138cm. For riders 80-125 lbs.

  • Wide body style with removable stabilizer bar
  • Double density adjustable slide binding
  • Slalom toe
  • Soft step inserts
  • 138cm/54"
  • RIM Molded PU
  • Formica top
  • Fiberglass rods for reinforcement
  • Made in the USA
  • For riders 80-125 lbs.