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Brazilian Style Double Cotton Hammock

Larger comfortable hammock. Free Shipping

Brazilian Style Double Cotton Hammock

Larger comfortable hammock. Free Shipping

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The popular Brazilian Style Double Hammock offers one of the ultimate forms of comfort and relaxation that’s available. Created in the style that has been handed down for generations by native artisans in Northeastern Brazil, these hammocks are tightly woven with comfortable, long-lasting colourfast cotton thread and can be an ideal fit for an assortment of needs.

If you’re planning an overnight camping trip or a lengthy backpacking excursion, the Brazillian Double hammock will provide a comfortable resting spot at the end of a tough day. Or if you need a personal source for relaxation for your backyard, back porch or cottage, this will definitely fit the bill. This one works for many occasions; it’s lightweight enough that it can be easily transported from one spot to the next or left in a single location on a permanent basis.

There’s no wonder that more than half of the people in Ceara, Brazil, where many of that nation’s hammocks are produced, prefer to sleep in them rather than beds! You may be inclined to agree with the Brazillians once you take the time to stretch out and spend a few relaxing moments curled up in one.

These Brazilian Style Double Hammocks comfortably hold two adults (a 450-pound maximum), who have plenty of room to lounge and relax in the large bedding area. It’s very easy to hang and put to use. You’ll be ready to test out the relaxation factor within minutes of its arrival – if you can beat the spouse or kids to it!

Available in various colours
Hammock Length  95"
Hammock width  54"
Fits 2 people up to a total of 450 lbs